This sandboxed webpart uses the following custom properties:

  1. Row Limit is set to a default value of 15 items. This is fairly important since we do not want to overload the page with displaying too many image files.
  2. Display Thumbnails The thumbnail section is currently set up to display four thumbnails at one time. The default value for this webpart is 3, (0,1,2,3). Get it? Yeah that is not very user friendly. I threw that in there to confuse the VB guys. If you want to make that box wider and display more thumbnails, then increase this value accordingly. I hope you enjoy CSS.
  3. Web URL This is currently defaulted to the top level site using '/'. I probably could have done with out this property and got too cute for my own good
  4. Photo Gallery Specify the title of the Picture Gallery that you would like to use. For my example, I used DemoPhotoGallery.
  5. CAML Query currently this property does not include any values but if you want to get intelligent with your selections of images, use a query to filter out the images. For example, if you created that 'Publish' column you could insert the following caml query to get those images: <Where><Eq><FieldRef Name='Publish'/><Value Type='Choice'>Yes</Value></Eq></Where>


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