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This sandboxed webpart displays images from a Picture Gallery and presents it in a visual representation modeled after jQuery Tools Scrollable project

The solution was built using Cloudshare, to view this webpart in a working environment use this:
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For additional background information on why you should care about this CodePlex project, visit this blog post:

Visual representation modeled after jQuery Tools Scrollable project (


The visual studio project uses modules to publish the CSS (VisualArtifacts) and jQuery(JavascriptArtifacts) files used by the webpart. Altering these modules to publish the files in a different location means that the master page will need to be updated as well. Currently the project will publish these into the Style Library. After deployment, you can alter them using SPD2010 if you so desire.

The main reasoning for publishing this project is to demonstrate how to use Visual Studio to publish a solution that uses jQuery heavily in the presentation layer. Most of the demos that I have seen this far involve using SPD to create and 'deploy' new solutions. I feel that all custom code regardless of origin should be deployed as a feature. This will allow the owners to deploy the code to a test environment if needed or deploy easily to a new farm without any annoying 'human errors' with manual copy/paste deployments.

On a side note; since this webpart is a sandboxed solution, I had issues with registering the javascript files and caused me to resort to using the 'old' method of including them in the master page. It would be nice to hear some comments on that.

Lastly, the validation was rushed. @kenschae gave me some great feedback on improving it and will try to incorporate that in a future build.

To view a working copy, view the following youtube video:

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